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Frequently Asked Questions

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This section of The Earth Plan is currently being built. We are putting it up as it is built to provide people immediate feedback. Please forgive & report any typo's.

Feel free to ask question through the Contact page or by emailing the (Please note a spam guard will need to be added to the email which will require you to respond to automatic filters in order to get your email through).

Q: I want to join what is it all about?

Q: How does Peopleisim improve the economy?

Q: How does Peopleisim fix the corrupt courts and deliver justice?

Q: No Tax? What about Infrastructure?

Q: Editing & Changing the Constitution: Can we edit and change the Universal Peopleisim Constitution?

Q: Should it not, or would it not be better to design the Constitution by a Committee?

Q: But are you not Communists?

Q: But are you Capitalists?

Q: Is there enough space on Earth for Homesteads?

Q: If you do not have a full-time military, will it not cause issues for security?

Q: We have grown up dependant on licenses all our life, can we really get rid of them?

Q: What about infrastructure, without tax how are we going to enjoy roads and other things governments are meant to provide?

Q: How are we going to get rid of banking fraud?

Q: Treason, what about treason?

Q: Weapons, are they not the cause of crime? Should there not be laws against guns and for gun ownership?