The Earth PLan

Definition: Peopleisim

a Stateless capitalistic social republic with real-time democracy and communism of natural resources & no tax.

Peopleisim is enacted when a majority of the people in a region simply sign the Universal Peopleisim Constitution. By far the worlds most advanced, comprehensive & eloquent Constitution, freely available to all to save Earth.

The most important characteristic of a Constitution is to optimize incentive though checks & balances, bringing maximum benefit to the people, while ensuring security on the land, with justice & prosperity for all. Peopleisim embodies the best features of democracy, socialism, capitalism & communism while avoiding the worst. Peopleisim optimizes incentives to benefit all:UPC

  • Real-time voting with a republican form of governance through Boards of Directors with an optional democratic public override on all decisions.
  • 32 days annual Citizen Service, makes up the government including politicians, police, military, judiciary & services, eliminating all tax.
  • Open equal access to public & natural resources grants top bidders lease rights, replaced at any time by a proposal with 20% higher return to the people, eliminating corruption & maximizing the peoples income.
  • Instead of politicians deciding what to do with the people money, income is distributed equally to each citizen, eliminating poverty & corruption.
  • Citizens tax free Homestead up to 2,000 m, grants security on the land.
  • Free digital education & parents & students governing education funds.
  • Innovative asynchronous adjudication & Due-Process at Common Law, Administrative Meeting, Mediation & Trial by Jury, ensures efficient justice.
  • Intellectual property laws that benefit authors/inventors & open production.
  • Free peoples banking & trading with asset-backed currency, eliminates banking fraud & crimes against humanity & invigorates the economy.
  • Restitution & much more.

Peopleisim ensures fairness & equity of access to public resources, eliminating corruption & maximizes the peoples income, which eliminates poverty, & gives the people security on the land. People based governance eliminates tax, enabling an economic boom, to establish a stable sound economy, while protecting authors & inventors to invigorate development & progress. Sound asset-backed free banking & trading eliminates fraud, corruption & market manipulation. Innovative due-process prevents corruption in the courts, delivers efficient & fair justice by the people for the people.

Peopleisim delivers a new political & economic model taking advantage of the best of earlier political & economic models, wile eliminating the disadvantages. Peopleisim is a paradigm shift in governance, law, banking, security, intellectual property, technology, economy, education & ecology. A new Earth & new way forward, promising prosperity, peace, security & liberty for all.

The Earth Plan's PeopleisimPeopleisim

All it takes is for a majority of the people in a county to sign the Universal Peopleisim Constitution.

No protest necessary. No petition necessary. No permission necessary. It's got nothing to do with the current government, other than the fact that Peopleisim takes government back to the people and kicks out the old corrupt government. The world's first Constitution to be ratified in person by a majority of the people.

Peopleisim may not be perfect, however, the principle of the people taking back government with their own Constitution, sets in motion a new era & liberty for people. The old governments & their criminal banking cartels can do nothing to stop Peopleisim. When people stand together, they cannot be stopped. Peopleisim starts the process, allowing people to continue enhancing their life, government & environment.

While the great majority of people are apathetic & only get as far as complaining, all it takes is for a few dedicated individuals in each region to pick up Peopleisim & get their neighbors to sign the Universal Peopleisim Constitution. YOU can do Peopleisim. YOU can fix your county.

With Peopleisim we have nothing to loose & everything to gain.

All it takes is YOU Start it!.