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About The Earth Plan

PeopleRisen is about you. You drive PeopleRisen.Slideshow image

The key concept is that when a community comes together and signs a common Constitution, that Constitution becomes their law, they establish their own government.

The ridiculous concept of appealing to the Pope or Kings &  Queens, who make the unfounded & insane claim that some unseen unheard unverified "god" put them on the "throne", should emphasize how fooled people have been. You don't need any con-artist to grant you permission to form your own government, you need the people to democratically assemble and form your own government.

What PeopleRisen offers through The Earth Plan is a common Universal PeopleRisen Constitution designed to cover all elements and establish self regulating optimal governance and a global community. A key element and advantage to PeopleRisen is that we are creating autonomous united Universal PeopleRisen regions, who although they are autonomous and independent in their own right, stand together as one unstoppable force. The strength we have is in numbers. If we stand up as individuals against a significant foe, we are knocked down. If we stand up together with many we are unstoppable. PeopleRisen provides the common glue and community to help communities stand by themselves and in unison.

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